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Buffalo Football Basket Raffle

As part of the Arcade UCC Fall Festival, we are raffling off a Buffalo Football Basket which includes: Josh Allen jersey, Buffalo Football scarf, cooler, pennant, artwork, tumblers, key chain, tailgate sauces, meat rubs, 2 towels, camo bucket hat, Fisher-Price Little People, Josh's Jaqs cereal. 

This basket has a total value of $350!! Scroll down to see pictures!!

The drawing will be held at Arcade UCC Fall Festival on October 8th. 

You can make a donation ONLINE of $10 per ticket to be entered to win your chance at this basket! Here's how:

1. Click on the "Enter Now" button below.

2. Enter, in multiples of $10, how many tickets you would like to get in the donation amount area. For example, $10=1 ticket, $20=2 tickets, $30=3 tickets, $40=4 tickets, etc.

3. Click on the "Use this donation for" drop down menu and select "Buffalo Football Basket".

4. Choose either donate with PayPal or donate with credit/debit card, depending on your preference. 

5. On the next page, click on the "write a note" option and enter your name, cell phone number, email, and if you request proof of ticket purchase (proof of purchase will be a picture of tickets sent via text or email).

6. Enter remaining payment details. 

7. Click "Donate Now" when finished.

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